Since 2004, NIALOR® has provided a powerful method for triglycerides reduction, often lowering triglycerides by up to 80% from initial levels. NIALOR®’s unique formulation and tablet technology has been granted U.S. Patent 7,879,375 for the purpose of aggressively reducing triglycerides and is the only product that guarantees a major reduction in triglyceride levels as described below.

Triglycerides are a blood lipid which assists in the transport & conversion of dietary fat, adipose fat and blood glucose. Triglyceride levels tend to spike aftermeals and take hours to decline back to normal levels. A breakthrough study in 2008 [1] showed a very strong correlation between high non-fasting triglycerides and cardiac events (heart attack). Similarly, another study has shown that high triglycerides can increase your risk of a cardiac event by 16x [2]. Many treatments for triglycerides attempt to influence only fasting triglycerides, however you are in a non-fasting state for the majority of your life.

NIALOR® works differently by quickly suppressing spikes in post-meal triglyceride levels, and continues to block triglyceride resurgence for 4-6 hours. Additionally, NIALOR® maintains a low liver enzyme count during this process, insuring a liver-safe experience. Compare NIALOR®’s reported peak performance against other leading products in the chart below.

We guarantee that NIALOR® will lower your triglycerides by at least 40%**

If your initial levels are 300mg/dL or higher, we guarantee that a NIALOR® 2-pack will lower your triglycerides by at least 40% within 3 months- or Arizona Pharmaceuticals will refund your purchase and pay you an additional $100**

Below you will see a number of stunning testimonials on how effectively NIALOR® has worked for our customers over the past 10 years. Here is a recent example from April 2014, sent from Joyce in El Dorado, AR:

“I have been using this product for 4 months and it has brought my triglycerides down from 485 to 119 so am very pleased. I read the testimonies reluctantly but they were true. Thank you”.

NIALOR® has helped thousands of people just like Joyce to lower their high triglycerides and it can help you too. If you need to lower your triglycerides, NIALOR® is your best choice.

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  • Introduced in 2004
  • US Patent 7,879,375

Recommended Dosage:

  • First 3 months: 1 tablet 3x / day after meals
  • After 3 months: 1-2 tablets / day

Key Active Ingredients:

  • Crystalline Niacin
  • Sugar Cane Policosanol
  • Standardized Sylibum Marianum
  • Synchronous-release tablet

Common Side-Effects:

  • Flushing (temporary sunburn sensation)
  • Upset Stomach
  • Dry, itchy skin

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4-5 months ago my triglycerides were over 2000! Yesterday, after several months on Nialor, they were 89 with concomitant improvements across the lipid panel! Will be placing an order soon.
J. Kadlec, New York City

I just got back from the doctor’s office and was given these amazing results after just two bottles of Nialor.
Triglycerides went from 1089 to 184
Total Cholesterol from 312 to 216
HDL raised from 32 to 51
% of HDL increased from 10 to 24
LDL went from not being able to calculate it to 134
My Doctor was amazed and said he was going to tell his Cardiologist about Nialor. Thanks!!

Al B. (Anthem AZ)

I went to participate in a high cholesterol study and was excluded due to high triglycerides. I did a little researchand found Nialor. Consulted the physician and started taking the pills. Triglycerides went from 989 to 340, bad cholesterol from 400 to 161, and good cholesterol from 26 to 38. I DID NOT change my diet in anyway and let the pills do their job. I’m totally blown away by the results. This product DELIVERS and price per pill is a fraction of anything else out there. THANKS
- J. Craig
“This product is sensational! It lowered my triglycerides from 5000 to 76 and my total cholesterol from 558 to 191. My physician, too is pleased and will be monitoring my blood levels monthly. Thank you.”
Ron K. – Connecticut

My triglycerides were 469 and my HDL was 15. Due to high triglycerides, my total cholesterol level could not be read. I decided to try Nialor for 2 months. I was previously on medication that raised my liver enzymes which was a concern of mine. After two months on just on yourproduct alone, my HDL went to 26, triglycerides went to 56, total cholesterol measured 169.
Steven K. – Cortland, NY

“I dropped my triglycerides from 859 to 116 in 3 months. My physician agreed that the 2 primary reasons for the drop in triglycerides were: 1.) Nialor and 2.) Cutting down on sugar.”
S.G. (Red Lodge, MT)

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Always consult your physician before taking NIALOR® for cholesterol-related reasons.
NIALOR® is a dietary supplement and is not intended to replace prescription medication
U.S. Patent #7879375

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We guarantee that Nialor will provide at least 40% reduction in triglycerides (initial levels > 300 mg/dL) when taken in 1500mg/day dosages for 3 months (2-Pack). We guarantee that Nialor will provide at least 25% improvement in HDL Cholesterol (for initial levels < 35mg/dL) when taken in 1500 mg/day dosages for 3 Months. $100 guarantee requires before/after fasting lab results. Applies only to new customers ordering a 2-pack.